Sep. 29th, 2011

lex: Longarm Prime complete with noodly appendages. (NOODLE ARMS)
Just gonna chatter. :D Haven't posted in a while, have I?

So first off, things around the house are finally looking up. We're getting rid of the broken-down RV after several years of it sitting around in the driveway being an elephant, and it's out front waiting to get picked up tomorrow - which means it's no longer in the driveway. There's still a broken-down station wagon but holy shit I can almost pull my car all the way up to the garage. Do you know how often that's happened? Never. Because I got my car years after these fuckers last moved. Goddamn. Also, Dad pulled the old air conditioner that we never use out of the dining room window, and I put in a screen, and suddenly 1. we can walk along the driveway and 2. we can open windows in the dining room. HALLELUJAH.

Also I got a tent because I'm going camping this weekend. XD It's currently set up in the living room - I think I'm gonna seal the seams some more before folding it up. I am so excited to have a tent! I CAN GO CAMPING NOW. I have a sleeping pad and bag, a tent, a cast iron skillet, and a fishing pole - what more do I need?! (haha a lot probably. like a fishing license.)

Also for once the cat is okay. She's eating her prescription food, wishing I spent more time playing with her, and has started drinking water out of my cups. o-okay. D: I took her on a brief walk out front the other day, and we got farther than ever before - all the way to the steps!

Okay now serious talk about weight and dieting, cut for your trigger warnings: hoo boy )

Also I am looking for a full-body mid-angle shot of Optimus from the front! The camera loves to look up at him for hero shots but I need a pretty neutral angle. Ideally he'll be standing pretty straight. I absolutely need to be able to see the flames on his ankle. Anyone have any ideas? Here, I'll trade you a back view.