Apr. 29th, 2011

lex: (Default)
I'm doing clothes shopping for the island and I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE SPENDING THIS MUCH MONEY. And I have to go spend more! D: I mean, on the plus side I now have some bitchin' shirts, and new shoes, and more than two pairs of pants, and socks without holes, and UNDERWEAR without holes, and oh god I should really stop being so frugal shouldn't I. Anyway I found out that a shirt I have been longing after for like a year or two is out of print and I snagged one of the last in my size, so that was excellent. And I got some classy robot shirts. I have never been really into T-shirts but I am trying this "layering" thing I guess. Which means I need shirts to go over my shirts, but I recently realized this means I can wear PLAID. HELL YES. Plaid all the time! So what if it clashes with Optimus, stfu. Anyway I honestly have no idea where to find plain heavyweight button-ups. I have one made by Wrangler, so I guess I will google them.

Alright I gotta run down to Target and see if they have rain boots that will fit me, and also a bunch of other incidentals (nail clippers!). Also, food. D: STARVING. And anxiety is rising again because I feel like I'm forgetting stuff even though I'm getting so much done. Sigh.

I'm also still spazzing over the new trailer. DAMNIT BAY. I don't want to be excited about your shitty movies! Cut for trailer spoilers? )