Apr. 21st, 2011

lex: Longarm Prime complete with noodly appendages. (NOODLE ARMS)
Ohhhhh noooooo I'm sick. :< It came on really really suddenly so it should leave just as quickly. Mostly it's sore throat and lethargy with a side of ew-my-ears-are-draining-into-my-throat, but hrrrrrrgh there is very little I hate more than a sore throat. I don't mind puking as much as a sore throat, because at least after you puke you feel better. Cramps and sore throats are just cruel. So anyway, unsweetened tea and Ricola and bed is my prescription for today. Which means TIME TO READ FIC. Please toss any recs my way! I will read anything TF and if you're thinking "no way does she mean anything, she definitely doesn't want to read that sickeningly fluffy mechpreg Jazz/Prowl thing I'm hiding away in my bookmarks" oh yes, yes I want to read that. I want to read that very much. That is basically exactly the not-guilty-at-all pleasure I am looking for when I am braindead with plague.

Anyway, despite my illness I managed to not only get up and go to school, but also think on my feet in lab (our attempts to separate Gram+ and Gram- strains were unsuccessful, so we had to improvise) AND I got in our soil samples to the Extension. And then I drove home (yes I consider that an accomplishment in this state) and stopped at the grocery store and got stuff to make chicken soup with the breasts I've been staring at blankly. And THEN I actually made the soup, including butchering the damn breasts that came on the bone. I did a reasonably good job. I am rather proud of myself. When everything is piping hot I'll half-heartedly shred the chicken, toss in some pasta, and let it cook to al-dente and then EAT THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

Also, on the 23rd (Saturday?) Lowe's is giving out free trees. I don't know what kinds or anything, I think you have to just show up and find out. But hey, now you know! Personally, I want to get an American Elm. Help a nearly-extinct species by just planting it in my yard? Heck yeah. I just wish I had room for a chestnut, too.

Okay my spine is starting to inform me that I have a fever so it's time for pajamas and tea.

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P.S. the soup is amazing and kale is the best thing to ever happen to me. |D Not that any of you need a recipe for chicken noodle soup, but this is what I did: In a big stock pot, saute an onion (two if they're small, onion is delish), a small bunch of celery, and a few carrots (all sliced thin, on the diagonal for the long ones) until onion is transluscent and that pot smells better than celery and carrot have any right to smell. Toss on the frozen tupperware of chicken stock you had lying around for no good reason (2 cups). Tie up a big bundle of herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary) and plop it in. Also plop in some mushrooms, some sliced or diced bell pepper, and 2-4 chicken breasts (skin them first, and debone or put them in cheesecloth). Add water to cover. Low simmer until the chicken is fully cooked, stirring if you feel like it. Pull out the chicken and shred, then add back in. If it looks like it needs more liquid, add some water now. Toss in a generous handful of shell pasta in and cook for less than the package says to (about 7 of the 10 minutes mine wanted). Take a couple leaves of kale, wash off the creepy bug and remind yourself that organic is good for you, and shred off bite-sized pieces. Toss 'em all in, stir, remove from heat, and let sit for a minute or two. Then eat with a big piece of crusty buttered bread, remember that you forgot to add any salt or pepper, shrug and continue nomming. Makes about 11 cups of soup, which is almost more than I can store. D: I did store some of it in my belly, so that helped. And I'll need to add water whenever I heat it up again - the pasta absorbed a LOT while it cooled. I am very well-stocked now, my friends. XD