Mar. 24th, 2011

lex: My black tailless cat on top of a piano, beside a painting of daylilies. (Lady Nostalgia)
1. It is snowing. Not end-of-winter snow, but big fluffy gobs of snowball snow. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

2. I have a new netbook fuck yeah~ Now to fix the old one. Then I will have ALL THE NETBOOKS. (The new one is super sleek and angular and black and hnnnngh so I named it after TFP Soundwave.)

3. I have been a lazy ass in school. I am now determined to catch up. This is very anxiety-inducing on its own, but school has helpfully sent out two emails today telling me that I need to register for next semester's classes at the end of next month (meaning I need to find out what my requirements are, because my major's website TOOK THEM DOWN and it was the only place they were available) and also btw GET READY FOR GRADUATION STARTING NOW. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh D:

4. Despite point #1, Nostalgia and I just went on an EPIC WALK to fill the birdfeeder. She had a grand ol' time, and eventually I will actually film one of these walks. She's remarkably chill in the back yard. Some chickadees came over to investigate us and she was very interested in them but didn't try to kill them. And the best part of these walks - she is always hungry afterward. She is chowing down right now and it makes me so fucking happy. Seriously, the one time I can count on her to actually eat, even if just a couple mouthfuls, is after a walk out back. I guess the birds get her salivating. XD

5. I have never been able to find a decent moisturizer for my face. Udderly Smooth was the only thing that worked, but then it turned out that I'm allergic to it just enough that more than three days of use leaves me with rashes. On my face. Awesome. Sooooo long story short I just picked up some jojoba oil and we'll see how that goes. Failing that I'll try straight-up shea butter, and failing that I will just throw my hands in the air, grow out my beard, and live in the hills.