Mar. 7th, 2011

lex: Longarm Prime complete with noodly appendages. (NOODLE ARMS)
Random thought of the day: How big is a satellite?

Answer: Communications and spy satellites can be up to 10 meters in diameter and 30 meters long, not counting solar panels.

Ten. Meters. In diameter.

Now, bearing that in mind, watch this:

TEN. METERS. ACROSS. jfc you guys I don't know how to handle this. SOUNDWAVE IS FUCKING AWESOME. I think it's pretty obvious Bay doesn't know or care about the actual scale of a satellite, judging by the screen (WTF SERIOUSLY) and how the clear tentacle bits are on scale with circuitry, but in my head Soundwave is the most massive dude ever. He could probably just like, trip up the entire Autobot army with his tentacles. He could pick up Megatron and carry him around like a doll. OKAY MAYBE NOT MEGATRON but you get the idea. THE DUDE IS HUGE AND I LOVE IT.