Jan. 1st, 2011

lex: (Default)
Brother woke me up asking for a ride to the clinic. "Is it urgent?" "Yes." "Okay." Got up, told him to wake Dad to move his truck, put on clothes, hit the bathroom, ran a toothbrush over my post-booze mouth, put on deodorant, needed to open a can of food for the cat and throw on my coat and suddenly Dad was the one driving him. Fine, whatever, gtfo. Brother's explanation: "I thought he was at work." Dude, Dad works from home half the time, it's New Year's Day, and it's a Saturday. Why did you not at least look out the window to see if his truck was there?! I just assumed there was, you know, an actual reason he was asking me and not Dad. And yes, wow, it takes more than thirty seconds for me to get ready in the morning, particularly when I have a slight hangover. When taking a dump is the most time-intensive activity of my morning, you can just fuck off about me being too slow, alright. Why yes I am annoyed, and I think I have a damn good reason. I'm gonna make some coffee, I don't care that it will make me violently sick. Fucking mornings.

That said, the Synchtube party last night was amazing. I'm really enjoying these things. :3