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10 Tips on How to Survive the Frozen North
aka Fuckshitdamn It's Cold

I have randomly decided to impart my knowledge to you all. Inspired by recently spending several days without power in below-freezing weather, and also by the fact that this happens every goddamn year and yet we still don't have a backup (SERIOUSLY DAD CAN WE JUST FIX THE CHIMNEY), I will tell you what I have learned about staying warm when it's fucking cold and you have no power (though most of these tips also apply to staying warm WITH power!). Having lived my entire life in the Frozen North in a 100-year-old-house with original windows and doors that all leak like sieves, I have learned a thing or two. Or ten, apparently.

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So last night the power went out for a few hours - probably some dipstick hitting a pole. OH NOES THE GROUND IS DAMP. Anyway, this wasn't such a bad thing - instead of dicking around on the Internet, I lit some candles in the living room and played with Nostalgia. We have a box full of packing peanuts, you see. :3 Much fun was had diving headfirst into it and fishing out individual peanuts. And then once she settled down I read a book.

Nostalgia is pretty much full-grown now. Her face looks adult, and I can pet her head with my whole hand instead of a finger or two. There's been no change in her gait, but I think this month I will finally have saved enough for x-rays. Frankly I'm used to the way she walks now. She certainly doesn't know there's anything funny about it. We race madly around the house together, pausing at specific points to consult on a change of direction. Sometimes one of us leads, sometimes the other, but we both slide madly for the hairpin turn in the living room. XD Sometimes she tries to sideswipe my feet - cheater!

The divorce is going well - I should get the papers in the mail soon. This will probably be the most good-natured divorce ever. We are planning Facebook shenanigans. It will be hysterical. XD Yeah, I can't explain our relationship at all. But he did tell me to get any medical stuff done while I still have essentially free health care, and he's right - and I think maybe Tricare will cover allergy testing. At least their site says they do. Which means nothing, really, but I should at least make some kind of appointment with someone. A dietician? I kinda want to talk about all my food issues, so that would make sense. :\ Red meat intolerance is a strange thing for sure.;ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Nostalgia says hi. XD