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Okay, first of all? That was better than I dreaded. Only one of the things I feared happened, and a lot I hoped for happened, and a whole bunch of other stuff (both good and bad) happened too.

The Ugly:
1. Oh Kup what did they do to you. I just... That's not Kup, that's some dithering old dude named Coop. It doesn't even compute. OKAY APPARENTLY HIS NAME IS QUE AND HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WHEELJACK BUT FUCK THAT NOISE
2. Genius Brains is also stupid. WHAT IS WITH THE ROBOTS WITH HAIR.
3. Yes, okay, Mikaela got brushed aside EVEN MORE STUPIDLY THAN I EXPECTED. Michael Bay, suck my dick.

The Bad:
1. IRONHIDE. Okay. Deep breaths. I was actually amazingly spoiler-free so I had NO FUCKING IDEA and I have to say that it was both beautiful and dumb as hell. Michael Bay remains a shitty director who couldn't work an emotional scene if his life depended on it. Much like Megatron's return to the Nemesis in the second movie, this whole scene failed due to the direction. Nevertheless, my dear little shipping heart is now able to handwave Optimus' crazypants in the rest of the movie as grief. I can take that. Oh, babies.
2. Some weird errors. Sentinel immediately starts referring to "your human whatever" and I was like bwuh, but he just woke up, he knows jack shit about our human whatever.
3. WHAT HAPPENED TO WHEELIE AT THE END oh my god did I just type those words
5. The elephant. What.
6. The bathroom stall scene. Just... akfdhskhdfsjhsdno. Dude earned cred for trying to shoot the shit outta Laserbeak though.

The Okay:
1. Didn't hate Carly as much as expected. Her character was actually... remarkably okay. She is gonna dump Sam's ass once the adrenaline wears off though.
2. Not too much stupid human bullshit. Like, it was actually tolerable levels of stupid human bullshit. I only had to hide my face in shame like, two or three times.
3. Seriously did you really just use "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" you dicks oh my god you are such huge geeks I want to shake you and hug you all at once.
4. ...Starscream. I just... yeah, dude, you got shafted, sorry. At least you were pretty while you did it.

The Good:
2. Mirage Dino made my pants explode.
3. Sideswipe made my pants explode.
4. Starscream's legs made - yes okay
5. I am remarkably okay with: Soundwave being Carly's car, being awesomely fucking badass, and then dying in a kickass fight after happily setting up an atrocity; Shockwave being fucking badass, riding a tentacle beast like a chariot, never speaking English, and then dying in a fucking awesome fight at Prime's hands after everyone else totally fucking fails to take him down; Optimus getting really fucking goddamn mad and fucking shit up but good; Bumblebee doing everything awesome ever; Wheelie being a likeable character; and basically everything else in the movie.
6. Bumblebee turning his head. You know the scene. My heart was in my throat - not just for the moment, which was amazing, but for the depth of thought that went into writing that moment. There is so much to extrapolate from that, old tactics and fresh atrocities and they were going to kill them all in one pile, smallest and weakest first. I don't know why that scene resonated so hard for me but it did.
7. The plot was followable. This is, in every way, an improvement over RotF.
8. I actually really liked Megatron's characterization in this. He isn't the glorious Megatron of the first movie, but a physically and mentally shattered wreck trying to regain that glory. It works.
9. Soundwave being passed down through the generations, regardless of whether they want him. Oh. My. God. Totally violates canon, I believe, but who the fuck cares when it's that fucking cool.
10. Seriously I liked so much of this movie I am having a hard time dealing.

You guys. It was... good. Maybe not a definitively good movie? But a good ending chapter, with the promise of a new beginning. Not just for the selfish human race, but for Optimus and the Autobots and everything. What will they be without the war? They'll fucking find out, motherfucker.


Date: 2011-06-29 05:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hellkitty
Re: Jolt and Elita are shown as dead in issue 1 of the movie adaptation comics. She quite possibly died during the desert battle in ROTF, Jolt's death is never discussed.

I-Is Cybertron destroyed at the end of the film?

Date: 2011-06-29 05:08 pm (UTC)
swordage: An egg cracked open to reveal the solar system. (asst all the universe in an egg)
From: [personal profile] swordage
Seeing as you're commenting on the most spoiler-filled entry that exists I assume you actually want an answer (weirdly, I get asked stuff by people who don't really want to know, so I try to run a mental check before spoilers), so... yes. It implodes a bit. That bridge gets burned pretty spectacularly, and tbh as I was watching it happen I was thinking "Perceptor is gonna be pissed, I bet there was a lot of cool shit that could have been salvaged from their culture." I think a lot of people will be upset by it but... there was this strong message of carving out a new path, unencumbered by the past, wherever it will take them. I found it appropriate. Though I admit Optimus has a horrible tendency to doom their race.

gdi Jolt and Elita. :c I liked them. At least Mirage/Dino is a freaking sexpot on legs.

Date: 2011-06-29 05:11 pm (UTC)
hellkitty: (knitting)
From: [personal profile] hellkitty
Oh good heavens, I'm fine with spoilers. You labelled the hell out of this entry and honestly, I'd heard like...most of this from the IDW guys last summer when they got the specs. I've been bottling up my reaction for FOREVER!!!

I really am sad about Cybertron. :c

I am so sad for Jolt--he seemed like he could be cool. And Elita? Man, I loved the three-in-one concept from the TOTF comic and I wish they'd have done something cool with that.

Date: 2011-06-29 05:29 pm (UTC)
swordage: 2007 Sideswipe. (tf sideswipe is handsome)
From: [personal profile] swordage
I am labelling the hell out of everything! D: Just hoping other people will too, I know a lot of folks who are trying to avoid spoilers. I managed to stay spoiler-free until the movie itself (except for Sentinel) and it made it so much better than it could have been. I can't imagine trying to contain all the feelings about it for as long as you have! I'm still trying to untangle this mess of emotions enough to feel sane again.

Cybertron... hrrr. It is possible that not all of it was destroyed (only like, a fifth of it made it through the gate) but it would be mad destabilized. I really don't think they're ever going back. And while sad... They're an extinct race waiting to finish dying off. I'd rather they not cling to what once, but enjoy what they still have.

Jolt was awesome. :c I know he was just there for advertisement but I liked him and his whips and quiet ways. Elita/Arcee/Chromia was amazing, and I loved the three-bodies-one-consciousness thing. So much could have happened with that, but nope, offscreen disappearance. Sigh. Well, I can't expect much from the folks who handwaved away Mikaela with one fucking line from Wheelie's sidekick. /flips movie

My rageface aside, I liked that the secondary bots got a tiny bit more screentime this round. Sideswipe got a close-up! And lines! IT WAS AMAZING. And the cons were freaking fabulous.

...I have such low expectations, don't I. XD

Date: 2011-07-23 04:12 am (UTC)
kitefullofkoi: Badou from DOGS. text: living stingy (tf: drift internet)
From: [personal profile] kitefullofkoi
So glad I'm not the only one who saw Que at first and went "KUP!?" XD

But really, what was up with giving him some weird tentacle hair.
you know... that might be a neat fic idea though. >.>

Sideswipe though, YES. ♥