lex: (yeah toast)
2011-04-15 02:00 pm

Land of Pulse and Loam

This music is totally what I needed today.

There is a capon in the fridge and I have no idea what to do with it. I will probably roast it tomorrow, but I don't know what flavorway goes with it. I want to fall back on rosemary and oregano, but those are very fall/winter flavors, so I might go with lemon and thyme instead. Maybe? idk. Maybe a splash of white wine too. I suspect the people on my flist who actually know about food are like WHAT ARE YOU DOING AHHHH. XD I should brine it tonight. I really, really like brining. :x And then I will make more stock with the carcass! Mmm.

Planning food is so soothing to me. Even when I have no idea what I'm doing. XD

Today is Dad's birthday, so I am off to hit the gym and then the grocery store to pick up the stuff I need to make this cake and this frosting. The only reason I'm not making this cake instead (Goodness gracious just look at the saucy bottom on that cake!) is because Dad specifically requested a layer cake, and I'm already fudging his request by making vanilla frosting instead of chocoate. I might toss in some cocoa powder and see what happens there... Anyway I don't think we even HAVE cake pans, so I have no idea what I will do about that. Possibly recruit the pie tins, or maybe a casserole dish. Maybe they'll have an aluminum thing at the store that will work. It is an adventure!