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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

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Random thought of the day: How big is a satellite?

Answer: Communications and spy satellites can be up to 10 meters in diameter and 30 meters long, not counting solar panels.

Ten. Meters. In diameter.

Now, bearing that in mind, watch this:

TEN. METERS. ACROSS. jfc you guys I don't know how to handle this. SOUNDWAVE IS FUCKING AWESOME. I think it's pretty obvious Bay doesn't know or care about the actual scale of a satellite, judging by the screen (WTF SERIOUSLY) and how the clear tentacle bits are on scale with circuitry, but in my head Soundwave is the most massive dude ever. He could probably just like, trip up the entire Autobot army with his tentacles. He could pick up Megatron and carry him around like a doll. OKAY MAYBE NOT MEGATRON but you get the idea. THE DUDE IS HUGE AND I LOVE IT.
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I don't think I've told you all one of the cute things Nostalgia does - sometimes she'll crawl under the blankets, not to explore but to curl up against me and sleep. Usually against my leg where I can pet her, but right now she's in the tent my raised knee is making, her soft back against one foot and her paws stretched out against the other. Earlier she was licking the sole of my foot. She is unbearably cute.

She also uses my hand as a pillow whenever she can, and licks me as much as is physically possible. And she greets me at the door every single day when I come home from school. I love this cat beyond words. ♥ Even when she chews my computer charger.

Deep Thoughts: Is the gotta-pee dance universal? Most body language with a complex or specific meaning isn't universal - come-here in Japan is different than come-here in America, OK-sign can mean something good or something obscene, eye-contact as polite listening vs. avoiding eye contact as polite listening, etc. etc. But stuff like smiling is universal. So I wonder if the pee-dance is universal. DEEP THOUGHTS.

Actual Deep Thoughts: Okay so this is now totally my headcanon, no lie, I was driving home tonight and trying to see in the dark (I can't, for the record), when I realized - okay, movie!Scorponok and G1!cassettes are symbionts, right? One of their notable characteristics is forming part of their host's alt form (Scorponok becomes an engine and some other bits, the cassettes become, well, cassettes). And I realized - those big sentient cities like Metroplex? Totally symbionts. Seriously, when Primus transforms, what do they do? Transform with him. They're clearly capable of getting up and going somewhere (Autobot City, anyone?) and they're their own people, but they belong with Cybertron.

and then my brain went to interesting places about symbionts as people and their level of sentience and classes of Cybertronian people and it was amazing *_*


Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:48 pm
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Finished my Ecology report and my OrgChem prelab! yesssss. Let's ignore the stuff I didn't do yet. I want to bask in this glow for a bit.

You all should check out my darling twin's Hookermus Prime fic. It is indulgent and hilarious and OH MEGATRON YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. Optimus is a very high-class kind of escort thank you very much. Seriously, it's lovely - if it sounds at all like your cup of tea, please go read it and tell her how lovely it is. And it's the first of four! Go go read it nowww~

Completely unrelatedly, I just gotta pimp [livejournal.com profile] therightoflol some more. Best RP ever homg. Wheeljack and Bluestreak showed up for the first time last night, and it was adorable. Even more adorable was Skywarp and Scorponok doing the GOOD DOG, BEST FRIEND dance. Basically Wheeljack's thread was amazing and you should read it. Especially this part, where Scorponok has the BEST TIMING EVER. Seriously they're so cute. It's ridiculous and I want to cuddle them both.

One day I will have time to actually assemble a recs list. Sigh. But for now, I need to get back to work.
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I am feeling derpy and my twin isn't up yet for me to derp at! WHY ARE WE ON OPPOSITE COASTS WITH OPPOSITE SCHEDULES. Anyway I have a million things to do today which of course means I want to watch Nostalgia Critic and clean the house. I mean. Which would you rather do: learn trig in one day or sweep? Write a discussion/analysis of liquid-liquid extraction of an acid and base or put in a load of laundry? Learn how to name Z-1,2-dimethylcyclobutane or drive to the fair!?

So, Internet, this shall be my derpy post of the day. I will add to it as needed to assuage my need to derp violently while chanting WHAT THE FUCK IS ISOPROPYL I AM GOING TO FAIL SO HARD.

So yeah I just filled the bird feeder and trimmed some of the back yard/jungle. It's raining. WHY YES I AM PROCRASTINATING WHY DO YOU ASK. And then Nostalgia was all excited so we had a race around the house and she licked the rainwater off my arms. Also a mosquito bit me. STORY OF MY LIFE.

[Edit] homg Linkara did a review of Dreamwave issues 3 and 4. homg homg homg!
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I keep my Transformers on the upper level of my desk, peeking over my monitor. Shockwave is the only one that's bipedal right now because when I was visiting Ally I transformed ALL THE TRANSFORMERS. SEVERAL TIMES. WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS. That was a lot of Transformers. I am transforminged out.

So there's Shockwave. Yesterday I adjusted his hips so that he was standing with his weight on both feet instead of listing to one side. Then I had him aim his gun cannon in a vague direction - towards the window, really. Because Shockwave is creepy.

I just looked up.

He's aiming right at me.



Jul. 20th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Oh no. No no no. Someone tell me that making an MS Paint Adventure based on Swindle's Log is a bad idea, and that I should immediately stop drawing floorplans, diagrams, and figuring out all the puzzles. Also, the things I am planning in it are HORRIBLE AND EVIL and okay, I CAN'T DRAW. WHAT AM I THINKING. Also seriously these things are evil, I am an evil person, and also this would be like the shortest adventure ever.

if I actually start drawing for this I'm gonna have to ask [livejournal.com profile] swindleslog for permission to run the adventure

oh god what am I doing
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1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

My questions from [personal profile] justbolts:

1) If you could name one thing you love about TFA Shockwave, what would it be and why?
Oh good lord, only one thing? Alright, to narrow it down I will give myself more rules: nothing about his alter-ego, nothing that breaks the 4th wall (i.e. not his voice acting although HNNNGH I LOVE IT), and no explicit spoilers. Ah, it's still so difficult! Alright, I have it: his delicacy. Shockwave is BIG, there is no denying that - he had to seriously compress his mass to get even vaguely Autobot-sized, and that form is about 2/3 Shockwave's height. He's smaller than Megatron but that's not saying much, EVERYONE is smaller than Megatron. So Shockwave is huge, okay, and he's reasonably bulky (if also a bit lanky) and yet - he has these beautiful slender claws which he uses to perform brain surgery. *fans self* It's pretty much a physical manifestation of all the best things about him. He's big, he's strong, he's calculating, he's precise, and it's all devoted to Megatron. Hell yes.

2) What movie or type of movie have you always wanted to see, but Hollywood has continuously failed to make it for you?
A smart action movie. I don't mean one that has a good explanation for the explosions, I mean one that is made mindfully with more than a token consideration of race, gender, and other issues. Action heroes are bulky straight white guys. If there is a woman in the lead role, she's a sex object. Come ooooonnnnn. :<

3) By the same token, what's something (theme, message, acknowledgment of) that you'd want out of future Transformers movies, that the previous ones lacked?
What would I want in future Transformers movies... I want the Transformers as an alien race with their own culture. The fans are so thoughtful about these things - I read a story where Jazz was once a building component, but he essentially had a sex change and now functioned as a singular being. I've read stories that actually deal with the fact that their culture is a theocracy. We don't have to humanize them to make them sympathetic. I'm tired of the non-bipedal ones being considered nonsentient. I want little moments like someone mentioning Primus and someone else makes a gesture (read a story where it was a circle over the spark, mimicking the Matrix). I want to know how they choose alt-modes, whether fliers are always flier and grounders always grounders and whether there's social tiers based on that. I want to know about their hierarchy, both before the war and in the factions. There's so much I want to know! Enough peeing on people, enough with the human gestures (snorting, spitting, arrrgh), enough with "Autobots are good because they like humans and Decepticons are bad because they're trying to restore their planet", I want to know about the robots! I am watching Transformers because it's about robots! DO YOU THINK I MIGHT WANT TO SEE MORE ABOUT ROBOTS?! aaaaahhhhhh

And that is why I write fanfic. :D

4) If there were only three types of meals you could eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Three types of meals... Well I pretty much am restricted to three types of meals. XD I can eat vegetables, poultry, and seafood. Can't eat anything out of a box, can't eat other meats, can't eat corn syrup. I'm lactose intolerant (but I eat cheese and yogurt anyway, they're low in lactose) and I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine. Can't eat processed sugars. So yeah - my answer is vegetables, poultry, and seafood. XD

5) If you suddenly got an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would it be to?
You know, I'm not one of those people who wants to travel. I don't really want to see the Grand Canyon, I have little interest in the Caribbean, cruise ships sound boring... So I'm going to go with Pripyat. I really, really do want to visit Pripyat and Chernobyl. I am desperately intrigued by the biological stuff going on - I want to know if the mutations of the pines are genetic, or whether it's due to constant exposure to the cracked sarcophagi of the Red Forest. I want to visit that creepy ferris wheel, and I want to meet the people who live there. It's not a wasteland. It's teeming with life - plant and animal and human. It's beautiful and terrible.
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Ally: I am going to finish this episode of Linkara and then... I really should try and write. I'm still a little stressed so it can't be a bad thing. porn~~~
L: yesssssssss
L: write me robot sex
L: any kind
Ally: yesss I should
L: bonus points for tentacles
Ally: hmmm
Ally: *thinky*
L: I will mail you fucking brownies if you can write me ROBOT TENTACLE PENIS
Ally: wait how is that different from -- plain old tentacles?
L: Because it's a PEEENIS
L: a tentacle penis
L: that part is important
L: you can say PEEN
L: ...is
Ally: noooooooooo XD
L: a ballpeen is a kind of hammer
Ally: oh god that's hilarious
L: it has a rounded end
Ally: hur hur
L: so that when you hit the nail, it doesn't leave that mark in the wood
L: it is for finishing furniture


L: I feel like the post I am about to make does not really cover the extent of my love of robot tentacle penis.
Ally: oh my god I can't wait to see this post.
Ally: is this going to be a post you look at when sober and delete in horror? <3333
L: probably not
L: so far it's just a quote of our talk XD
Ally: oh god, I reserve the right to look at this before you post it <33333333
L: You're so good to me~
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Soooo sometimes I draw. I suck at it. It's fun anyway.

This is my first time drawing Shockwave(or any robot lol), done with a laptop trackpad in MS Paint. It sucks. I kinda like it anyway.

Outtake~ which was actually saved before the one above, lololol

I use the trackpad with my middle finger. I CAN'T FEEL IT ANYMORE. There are all kinds of issues with these (aside from being drawn in MS FRIGGING PAINT) but I can't bring myself to give a flying fuck. It's 2:30 in the morning and when I started it was 10:30.

Oh wait I lied, I drew the only gay eskimo a while ago:

He tried to have a Pride Parade. He was the only one who showed up. This is why he hates you all.


May. 31st, 2010 03:40 pm
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Let's talk about Final Fantasy XI.

I'm picking it back up tomorrow. Anyone else play? Bahamut re-opened, come play with meeee~
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L: Maybe Longarm isn't in the Elite Guard because they require background checks
Ally: drug testing!

Today on As Cybertron Turns... )
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Have a happy song~

Sometimes, when I'm in the shower and covered in soap suds, I pretend I'm Sunstreaker. Which inevitably leads to me thinking things like WILL THIS DRY SPOTTY, THIS HAD BETTER BE STREAK-FREE.

I was reading Post Secret and I found one in particular. It says, "The day I did not commit suicide (1/13/2007) is more important to me than my birthday (2/5/1971)". So I sent in an email saying, "My birthday is 1/13. Thank you. It's the best present I could ever hope for."

Last night I was lying on Sunstreaker's chest in an overgrown lot, counting contrails in the clear blue sky. The breeze was gentle and warm and it smelled of lilacs and sun-warmed dirt. Sideswipe danced circles around himself beside us, and Sunstreaker complained about getting fine dust in his joints.

Ally: omg do you remember that text about-- what was it, fuck-- it was like, AGENT BLURR, YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, IS TO LOCATE AND EXPLOIT LONGARM PRIME'S EROGENOUS ZONES.

me: okay happy place
Ally: yes :( :(
Ally: YES
Ally: OH GOD
me: :3
Ally: he needs to wake up to Skywarp sitting on his chest
poking him
me: omggggg yes
"You were rumbling."
"You. Making rumbles. While you recharged."
"...Are you glitched?"
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I need an animated icon that says this:

Here, have my favorite joke in the world. I will transcribe on request if anyone needs it.
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The debate about whether extraterrestrial life exists has been going on for much longer than might be expected - the 5th century BCE or earlier, in fact. While it might be expected to be a debate of atheism versus Christianity, this is not at all the case. Proponents of both sides have been in favor and opposed to a plurality of worlds necessary for extraterrestrial life. The debate itself does not even have two sides but rather three: a side with no need for God, a side with a limited God, and a side with an infinite God. Here those various sides will be contrasted until they are finally brought together in the Boyle lectures. Furthermore, it will be shown that only one of those sides - that of the limited God - is actually opposed to the plurality of worlds and extraterrestrial life.

This is going to be the best damn last-minute sick-as-a-dog paper the world has ever seen. I have 40 minutes to finish it. Just need to cover Newton and the Boyle lectures. And then, oh then, I can finally go to the goddamn doctor.

...I need to pee. Make that 35 minutes.

Best paper ever.
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Soooo I'm not happy with this, it was a trial run and it didn't work. (Wow, that's enticing you to read it, isn't it?) But hey I like posting fic, and this does have some neat ideas I really like. whoooooo hey guess what I think I have strep throat and it sucks a lot, I am kind of miserable and have an awesome fever~ Coherency is not my highest stat right now! SEE WHAT I MEAN.

Arguably TFA-verse, could be in just about any canon. Megatron is really really young in this, which is - idk pre-war? I'm not sure if TFA Megatron is supposed to be the same Megatron as in G1. Anyway storytimes now!

'I am the five-hundred-seventy-sixth unit assigned to sector alpha-seven-nine,' it said. )

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!
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Ally: ... let's put it this way, it has never before been easier to shut him the hell up.
L: heeee
L: I can actually imagine him getting bored of his own voice in that situation
Ally: omg yes
L: I mean, all he can do is move his mouth
L: he can only talk so much
Ally: Which, even for him, could get boring.
L: yesss

AND THEN DIALOGUE-FIC HAPPENED. Filthy, sticky, disembodied semi-dub-con fic. I. What. I don't even. It's not my fault they keep leaving him on waist-height counters!
Spoilers for Transformers Animated season 3, RE: Starscream. )
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Me: We should have fish this week. Something to do with fish. Transformers and fish.
Brother: ...Starfish.
Me: Fishscream.
Me: What kind of fish do we want? ...What kind of fish would Fishscream be?
Brother: Huh. I don't know, but Megafish would be a shark.
Me: That's not a fish. But he so would!
Brother: I know, Fishscream is a barracuda.
Me: Yesss, perfect. What about Optifish Prime? ...Oh man, Dad's in the other room overhearing this and laughing at us, I bet.
Dad (from the other room): Bluefin tuna.
Me & brother: Yessssss.
Me: Let's get salmon, it's on sale this week.
Brother: Okay.