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I keep putting off the island post. It's happening, don't you fret, it's just hard to organize that many pictures.

So this is a cat post. Last time I made a cat post, she had burned her feet and had a terrible UTI. Well, her feet are healing well (she has new skin and is in no pain from those) and she had a course of antibiotics for the UTI. For the last week I've been trying to get a follow-up urine sample from her, with no success, and I realized that she is peeing blood. Lots of blood. STILL. So, back to the vet she went, and I basically said DO ALL THE TESTS.

So, she got an X-ray (no stones, thank goodness), a urinalysis at a lab (some struvite crystals, some protein, lots of blood, and not much bacteria), more antibiotics, and today I picked up some anti-inflammatories. Basically it looks like FLUTD, which is fucking annoying and probably means dietary changes in her near future. She's acting just fine, the little darling, raising hell and stealing rolls of toilet paper like normal. But she's extremely good at hiding pain, so idek.

She's not even two years old yet. Oh, Nostalgia. :c
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Happy one year anniversary of your adoption, Nostalgia!

Sadly, that is the only good cat news I have right now. Well, that, and she's being adorable next to me on an ottoman while I chill on the couch in the A/C. Anyway, this cat, augh. She is lucky I adore her.

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Dinner last night was amazing.

Roasted duck (half a lemon inside the cavity, along with a few sprigs of fresh thyme, covered at 375F for 2.5hrs then uncovered for .5hrs, drizzled honey on when uncovered) with quartered potatoes, vidalia onion, and beets in the drippings
Rice mix with quinoa (SO GOOD)
Asparagus (sliced, in a pan with 1/2c water which is then boiled off) with butter (melted with dried cranberries and sliced almonds)
Gravy (from a mix, I admit it, the Better Than Gravy brand)

My friends, I am not ashamed to say that I stuffed my face. And then some. And then I stuck the carcass under the broiler so that when I make stock out of it, it will be EVEN MORE DELICIOUS. And I'm gonna collect as much of the fat as possible for future bacon replacement. This bird's life was well-given. The only thing I didn't use was the internal organs, because I just did not have the energy. The neck is going into the stock. :3

IN OTHER NEWS: the TFP soundtrack is amazing. I'm not linking that on the TFP comm because apparently the composer got a takedown from Hasbro as soon as he put it up, but UNF I am so buying this CD the second it comes out. "RC on the Move" is amazing. I am more and more in love with TFP every day, though I'm also more and more bitter at its faults. Hm. If I objectively compare it to BW and TFA, which I love, it's not really any worse. I think I just want it to be the best it can be. And it's not, although it's still quite good. P.S. this soundtrack gives me goosebumps, no lie. D:

Hey, it's been a while since a Nostalgia post, hasn't it? She's still learning that being held is okay, and that laps are okay, and even that if she curls up by my head when I'm in bed she can watch the birds AND get petted! All at the same time! Needless to say, I spend a lot of my mornings like this:

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Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make everything okay again.

In other Nostalgia news:

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1. It is snowing. Not end-of-winter snow, but big fluffy gobs of snowball snow. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

2. I have a new netbook fuck yeah~ Now to fix the old one. Then I will have ALL THE NETBOOKS. (The new one is super sleek and angular and black and hnnnngh so I named it after TFP Soundwave.)

3. I have been a lazy ass in school. I am now determined to catch up. This is very anxiety-inducing on its own, but school has helpfully sent out two emails today telling me that I need to register for next semester's classes at the end of next month (meaning I need to find out what my requirements are, because my major's website TOOK THEM DOWN and it was the only place they were available) and also btw GET READY FOR GRADUATION STARTING NOW. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh D:

4. Despite point #1, Nostalgia and I just went on an EPIC WALK to fill the birdfeeder. She had a grand ol' time, and eventually I will actually film one of these walks. She's remarkably chill in the back yard. Some chickadees came over to investigate us and she was very interested in them but didn't try to kill them. And the best part of these walks - she is always hungry afterward. She is chowing down right now and it makes me so fucking happy. Seriously, the one time I can count on her to actually eat, even if just a couple mouthfuls, is after a walk out back. I guess the birds get her salivating. XD

5. I have never been able to find a decent moisturizer for my face. Udderly Smooth was the only thing that worked, but then it turned out that I'm allergic to it just enough that more than three days of use leaves me with rashes. On my face. Awesome. Sooooo long story short I just picked up some jojoba oil and we'll see how that goes. Failing that I'll try straight-up shea butter, and failing that I will just throw my hands in the air, grow out my beard, and live in the hills.
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Photo of my back yard, listing its various defects: No light, unkillable red maples, invasive bittersweet, a former sandbox, etc.

It will be the best garden EVER.

Spring is here, spring is here! I think the most wonderful time of the year is the spring, I do, don't you? 'Course you do. )

Also, last night involved the most amazing chat with the most amazing people that lasted until, no lie, 6am. And then I got up at 7 for school. We watched Nuts draw, and Pell and I made a tentacle comm, and I think we talked about Primus' genitals, and then there was Skywarp in a tentacled strap-on and it was amazing and now I am going to sleep FOREVER.

Nostalgia is too thin. The worry is making me sick. I need to get off my lazy ass and put up a sale post so I can afford the vet.
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I may have mentioned I got a new camera for Christmas! It is pretty damn slick. So of course, to demonstrate aforementioned slickness, I took pictures of Nostalgia.

Several very large pictures under the cut! )
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OKAY SO EVERYTHING WENT AWESOME AND MY CAT IS THE BEST CAT. They didn't have to sedate her, her X-rays are lovely, she is the cutest cat ever. They don't have the means to scan their X-rays but the very nice vet took a photo and will email it to me.

So the word is, she has three fused lumbar vertebrae and scoliosis in two directions. Her funny walk is really due to the scoliosis pushing her hips down and tilting them to the right, which causes her to splay her legs and dip down on the right side. Her hips and legs look awesome, as does the rest of her spine - everything is just in those three vertebrae, and possibly a tiny bit of deformation of the pelvis where they attach. Plus, you know, the teeny tiny tail. XD It's so teeny! She's got like half a dozen itsy bitsy tail bones. Also her ribcage is made of such slender bones ahhhhh so cute ♥ I got to see her little bladder and lungs and everything. Such a good healthy girl ♥

So basically the verdict is: as you were! XD She's fine, she's not in pain, and I'll start tossing some glucosamine supplements into her wet food. The vet doesn't expect they'll be terribly useful for axial issues rather than lateral issues (and oh god I understand what that means) but they can't hurt, and they'll probably help her legs deal with compensating for her spine. So basically all is well and my ridiculous levels of anxiety were for nothing. XD Just the way I like it.

Edit: Now with pictures!
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Okay so she's at the vet now. They admitted her in case they need to sedate her. I am terrified that they will put her under anesthesia against my will, but they seemed to be okay with my boundaries and that it wasn't worth pushing since it's really just for curiosity. She was a darling and they all love her little bunny butt and she walked on her leash a little bit which they thought was precious. She's due for boosters and rabies immunization in May. She weighs 7lbs 4oz and had a very normal temp of 101F. She will be fine, she's a sweetheart and I practice this stuff with her all the time, flipping her over and messing with her legs and ears and everything, and they said that they definitely want to try to get it done without drugs if they can so she might not get sedated at all. So. Deep breaths. Sedation isn't even a big deal, self, she'll be home by 2pm and then you can stop thinking horrible things.

For now, I have put money on my phone and fixed it so that it WORKS (thanks for sucking, Virgin Mobile) and they will call me when she's set to come home and then I can hear all about how sweet she was and snuggle her and feed her Fancy Feast to break her fast and hope she forgives me for leaving her alone in a place with cages and for now I am going to distract myself with cooking. Cooking is good and makes me feel good and it has an excellent outcome and I haven't eaten yet anyway.

For the record, I was totally chilled out with Nostalgia and the vet, it's just being at home and waiting (both before and after) that sucks so much. But it will be good to see what's going on with her spine and pelvis. I'll be able to find out whether things like joint supplements would be helpful, if I should save up for a specialist, that kind of thing. Knowledge is good.

Okay, cooking now. I should figure out what to do with those lentils in the pantry.
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This post is basically a look into my anxiety-ridden head. Just fyi.

Possibly triggery mental health stuff. D: )
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Sorry, folks I was talking with last night - there was an Internet outage in my area. It was delightful. :(

Let's make this a post about Nostalgia! She is doing quite well. Through a combination of multiple meals, lots of attention, feeding her in whatever room I'm in, and alternating good foods with Fancy Feast, she's filling out again. Yay! I can't fit my fingers between her vertebrae anymore! Double yay! But all this careful observation has made me realize just how horribly codependent she is. I mean... she gets separation anxiety. When I leave for the day, she curls up on my chair and waits there all day. Just waits. She's hyper-attuned to my car pulling up, and she'll run to the window to make sure it's me, and then bolt to the door so that she can touch me as I walk in. Which is sweet, but worrying. So... yeah. Need to get some more toys for playing with her, and practice ignoring her when I get home so that it's less of a production. I wish I could bring her outside some more but it's frigid now. Spring will happen soon enough, I suppose. :( I always need something to fret about for her, I guess. XD

Gonna register for classes later today ahhhhhhhh

EDIT: FUCK YES GOT ALL MY CLASSES \o/ LEAST HASSLE EVER. So next semester I will be out of the house from 8am-2pm on M and F, and 8am-5pm W, and on Tues/Thurs 9:30-1:30. COULD BE WORSE. I'm skipping Chem this semester because FUCK CHEM but I am taking Physics II, Microbiology, and Genetics. And then after this I can take the fun classes that are actually part of my major and not just core science requirements, but hey at least I am taking science classes now! I was really tired of taking gen-eds in disciplines that had NOTHING TO DO WITH BIOLOGY.

Also I got an 83 on my Eco quiz fuck yeah

Today calls for a celebratory chai if I can find one on campus.
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When I am having a really goddamn rough time and wondering is any of this fucking worth it I go through my pictures of Nostalgia.

I love this picture. Her first night home... She had finally crashed, and I was still shivering from oh my god she's in my house. She was so tiny, so bony, so frail and wobbly.

She was so freaked out by every single noise. When the neighbors opened their garage door I wanted to kill them. XD But every time she started to freeze and panic, I said softly, "It's alright, Nostalgia." And she blinked at me and relaxed. She had to be touching me at all times that night and the next day.

She still prefers to be touching me - she'll lay her head on my hand, curl up on my chest, lean against my leg, reach out with her paw to touch my cheek...

I love her so much.

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I don't think I've told you all one of the cute things Nostalgia does - sometimes she'll crawl under the blankets, not to explore but to curl up against me and sleep. Usually against my leg where I can pet her, but right now she's in the tent my raised knee is making, her soft back against one foot and her paws stretched out against the other. Earlier she was licking the sole of my foot. She is unbearably cute.

She also uses my hand as a pillow whenever she can, and licks me as much as is physically possible. And she greets me at the door every single day when I come home from school. I love this cat beyond words. ♥ Even when she chews my computer charger.

Deep Thoughts: Is the gotta-pee dance universal? Most body language with a complex or specific meaning isn't universal - come-here in Japan is different than come-here in America, OK-sign can mean something good or something obscene, eye-contact as polite listening vs. avoiding eye contact as polite listening, etc. etc. But stuff like smiling is universal. So I wonder if the pee-dance is universal. DEEP THOUGHTS.

Actual Deep Thoughts: Okay so this is now totally my headcanon, no lie, I was driving home tonight and trying to see in the dark (I can't, for the record), when I realized - okay, movie!Scorponok and G1!cassettes are symbionts, right? One of their notable characteristics is forming part of their host's alt form (Scorponok becomes an engine and some other bits, the cassettes become, well, cassettes). And I realized - those big sentient cities like Metroplex? Totally symbionts. Seriously, when Primus transforms, what do they do? Transform with him. They're clearly capable of getting up and going somewhere (Autobot City, anyone?) and they're their own people, but they belong with Cybertron.

and then my brain went to interesting places about symbionts as people and their level of sentience and classes of Cybertronian people and it was amazing *_*
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Nostalgia's second adventure outside today! We started out in the back, where she'd been before, and she was much more willing to walk around and respond to the leash. She's such a good girl. She was very interested in everything but not nearly as HOMG as last time. Then we went to the front yard, just to the porch steps, and she sniffed about a two-foot radius in front of the steps and then worked her way up the porch and back into the house. XD Scaredy-cat. She did panic a little when a car drove by for the first time, but she bolted back to me so that was okay. She did flop over twice when she wanted to go somewhere and I kept a firm pull on the leash to keep her back, but that lasted maybe five seconds before she was up and sniffing again. Operation: Walk The Cat is going well. :3 I am very glad I started her with the harness while she was still in kittenhood, though. This would be going very badly if it were entirely unfamiliar. Mostly she seems to just really hate the weight of the leash's clip.

Operation: Study For The Big Test Tomorrow is not going so well. I should, uh. Get on that.
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My video camera broke. :( That means I can only take crappy webcam pictures now. Dangit. I miss having a camera.

cat babble! )
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So, I talk to my family about fannish stuff. They know I write fanfic, they know I write slash, they know I'm really into giant robots and have probably figured out I write giant robot slash. It's cool. We don't really talk about the slash part because they just don't get it, but I do talk about my writing. I told Dad a lot about this last story, and I was telling him today about the reader reactions I've been getting, and he asked if he could read it. So... I said yes. He won't get it, I think, because fanfic only works because of our shared backgrounds and knowledge. We know who Sideswipe is, we care about him, we know he's somehow brother/twin to Sunstreaker. We love the Elite Trine and their back-handed affection. We know who the missing jet is and why it hurts so much that he's gone. We know that Prowl is the logical officer who doesn't do well with interpersonal relationships. An outsider, a non-fan, does not know these things. There's your big divide, the reason we're mocked when an outsider reads a fic. They don't get it, can't get it, because they don't have that established setting.

So... I know Dad won't get why it's a powerful story. He won't feel sad. He's not emotionally invested in these people - he has no reason to be. But that's okay.

In completely unrelated news, Velocisquirrel is back! She's in good shape and just as fearless as ever. Nostalgia has never met her before, so this was very exciting! Velocisquirrel is the only squirrel that can jump onto my windowsill and eat the seeds I scatter there. Nostalgia always, always pounces at the window when any bird lands there. I didn't get video of her repeated and incessant pouncing, but I did get her utter confusion:

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It's been a long day. But that doesn't matter when Nostalgia is curled against my bare leg beneath the covers, sound asleep, while I listen to soothing music and think about the view from the mountain this morning. Tomorrow will be a long day but that doesn't matter either.

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So last night the power went out for a few hours - probably some dipstick hitting a pole. OH NOES THE GROUND IS DAMP. Anyway, this wasn't such a bad thing - instead of dicking around on the Internet, I lit some candles in the living room and played with Nostalgia. We have a box full of packing peanuts, you see. :3 Much fun was had diving headfirst into it and fishing out individual peanuts. And then once she settled down I read a book.

Nostalgia is pretty much full-grown now. Her face looks adult, and I can pet her head with my whole hand instead of a finger or two. There's been no change in her gait, but I think this month I will finally have saved enough for x-rays. Frankly I'm used to the way she walks now. She certainly doesn't know there's anything funny about it. We race madly around the house together, pausing at specific points to consult on a change of direction. Sometimes one of us leads, sometimes the other, but we both slide madly for the hairpin turn in the living room. XD Sometimes she tries to sideswipe my feet - cheater!

The divorce is going well - I should get the papers in the mail soon. This will probably be the most good-natured divorce ever. We are planning Facebook shenanigans. It will be hysterical. XD Yeah, I can't explain our relationship at all. But he did tell me to get any medical stuff done while I still have essentially free health care, and he's right - and I think maybe Tricare will cover allergy testing. At least their site says they do. Which means nothing, really, but I should at least make some kind of appointment with someone. A dietician? I kinda want to talk about all my food issues, so that would make sense. :\ Red meat intolerance is a strange thing for sure.;ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Nostalgia says hi. XD