Apr. 26th, 2011 09:06 pm
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HEY EVER WANTED TO KNOW WHAT ESCHERICHIA COLI LOOKS LIKE OF COURSE YOU DO. Fortunately I am doing my final microbiology lab, and I've been bringing in my camera to take pictures of my results so that I will have THE BEST LAB REPORT EVER. I even took pictures through the microscope. ANYWAY, E. coli is pretty neat. I know you are all going EWWW E. COLI THAT'S THE BAD STUFF THAT MAKES PEOPLE SICK but it is also the good stuff that lets us digest food. Also I started this class by having to obtain a sample of my own E. coli so YOU DON'T GET TO WHINE OKAY.

Ahem. So. E. coli is a Gram-negative (watch as I got that backwards) bacteria which is rod-shaped and has thin layers of peptidoglycan in its walls, which is actually what makes it Gram-negative! Gram staining involves staining, bleaching, and staining with a different color, and thick cell walls will hold in the first stain and make a positive result. But none of that is important! Because the coolest thing about E. coli is what it looks like when you grow it on EMB. The agar is a dark red, and the colonies themselves are very dark, except for...

The metallic green sheen! I will be honest, the entire semester I have been squinting at the faintest sheens you have ever seen in your life. This one just decided to be a huge freaking diva. HELLO I AM E. COLI, it says. I LOOK LIKE A GLORIOUS PEACOCK. I FEED YOU. LOVE ME AND DESPAIR.

Technically this is Unknown #6B, but come on look at it, it is E. coli. Technically I didn't even need to do any more tests on it because IT IS E. COLI. I did anyway because I like doing these tests. I enjoy Micro lab, damnit. My lab coat brings all the Shigella flexneri to the yard.

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So yeah I think I'm on the tail end of a 24-hour bug. My immune system = awesome. I tend to let my fevers do their thing (they actually serve a purpose, you know) unless they get too bad, so I was pretty loopy last night and did things like
1. Talk to Pell
2. Finish typing and attempt to go back to whatever tab I was in
3. Can't remember which tab, frown at having so many, pick one at random
4. Start reading/watching whatever it is
5. Repeat with a different tab

I am still feverish enough that my spine continues to scream in horror at existing, and the first thing I did this morning was pry a bunch of junk off my tonsils, and my ears are STILL draining into my throat, but altogether it wasn't that bad. I might actually be able to do stuff later.

Hilarious excerpts from last night (aka why you should always chat with me if my status says I'm sick): Read more... )
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Ohhhhh noooooo I'm sick. :< It came on really really suddenly so it should leave just as quickly. Mostly it's sore throat and lethargy with a side of ew-my-ears-are-draining-into-my-throat, but hrrrrrrgh there is very little I hate more than a sore throat. I don't mind puking as much as a sore throat, because at least after you puke you feel better. Cramps and sore throats are just cruel. So anyway, unsweetened tea and Ricola and bed is my prescription for today. Which means TIME TO READ FIC. Please toss any recs my way! I will read anything TF and if you're thinking "no way does she mean anything, she definitely doesn't want to read that sickeningly fluffy mechpreg Jazz/Prowl thing I'm hiding away in my bookmarks" oh yes, yes I want to read that. I want to read that very much. That is basically exactly the not-guilty-at-all pleasure I am looking for when I am braindead with plague.

Anyway, despite my illness I managed to not only get up and go to school, but also think on my feet in lab (our attempts to separate Gram+ and Gram- strains were unsuccessful, so we had to improvise) AND I got in our soil samples to the Extension. And then I drove home (yes I consider that an accomplishment in this state) and stopped at the grocery store and got stuff to make chicken soup with the breasts I've been staring at blankly. And THEN I actually made the soup, including butchering the damn breasts that came on the bone. I did a reasonably good job. I am rather proud of myself. When everything is piping hot I'll half-heartedly shred the chicken, toss in some pasta, and let it cook to al-dente and then EAT THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

Also, on the 23rd (Saturday?) Lowe's is giving out free trees. I don't know what kinds or anything, I think you have to just show up and find out. But hey, now you know! Personally, I want to get an American Elm. Help a nearly-extinct species by just planting it in my yard? Heck yeah. I just wish I had room for a chestnut, too.

Okay my spine is starting to inform me that I have a fever so it's time for pajamas and tea.

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P.S. the soup is amazing and kale is the best thing to ever happen to me. |D Not that any of you need a recipe for chicken noodle soup, but this is what I did: In a big stock pot, saute an onion (two if they're small, onion is delish), a small bunch of celery, and a few carrots (all sliced thin, on the diagonal for the long ones) until onion is transluscent and that pot smells better than celery and carrot have any right to smell. Toss on the frozen tupperware of chicken stock you had lying around for no good reason (2 cups). Tie up a big bundle of herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary) and plop it in. Also plop in some mushrooms, some sliced or diced bell pepper, and 2-4 chicken breasts (skin them first, and debone or put them in cheesecloth). Add water to cover. Low simmer until the chicken is fully cooked, stirring if you feel like it. Pull out the chicken and shred, then add back in. If it looks like it needs more liquid, add some water now. Toss in a generous handful of shell pasta in and cook for less than the package says to (about 7 of the 10 minutes mine wanted). Take a couple leaves of kale, wash off the creepy bug and remind yourself that organic is good for you, and shred off bite-sized pieces. Toss 'em all in, stir, remove from heat, and let sit for a minute or two. Then eat with a big piece of crusty buttered bread, remember that you forgot to add any salt or pepper, shrug and continue nomming. Makes about 11 cups of soup, which is almost more than I can store. D: I did store some of it in my belly, so that helped. And I'll need to add water whenever I heat it up again - the pasta absorbed a LOT while it cooled. I am very well-stocked now, my friends. XD
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Doing better today. Thank you all for the good thoughts. ♥ I spent a little time in the garden this morning - we never quite finished sifting out all the roots from digging it up, so I pulled up a bunch and got my hands dirty and smiled at the sparrows. They're not very bright and tend to forget that I'm there, so they'll come to the feeder if I'm more than a few feet away from it. Even if I have the cat with me. Nooooot very bright. Anyway, last night I picked up some bagged compost (FINALLY) and when I get home tonight I'll take some soil samples to bring in to the Extension office. Either tomorrow or this weekend, I'll rope the guys in to help me finish rooting around and work in the compost. And then seeds! :D I have so many things to plant. I got a bit over-enthused. Ahaha. And since I ordered seeds I've also picked up three blueberry plants, a strawberry plant, some herb seeds, and some potatoes that decided to sprout like the dickens. Good thing we also got over-enthused about how much garden to dig up. XD Might need to dig up more, though. I don't even know what a potato plant looks like, to be honest, let alone how much space it needs.

Also, my robodick post yesterday was hilarious. But seriously, spending over an hour painstakingly finding hi-res images of Megatron's robodick, outlining it, animating it, and then doing the same to Optimus Prime? It actually left me feeling a little ill. For over an hour my screen was non-stop giant alien robot penis. I am not that into looking at penises. Particularly not the penis belonging to the guy my generation views as a surrogate father. I think I am going to be kinda sensitive about Optimus porn for a little while. D: This isn't just walking in and going OH SHIT DAD WHY CAN'T YOU LOCK THE DOOR, this is like. Standing there and watching in horrified fascination. For an hour. I feel dirty.

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This music is totally what I needed today.

There is a capon in the fridge and I have no idea what to do with it. I will probably roast it tomorrow, but I don't know what flavorway goes with it. I want to fall back on rosemary and oregano, but those are very fall/winter flavors, so I might go with lemon and thyme instead. Maybe? idk. Maybe a splash of white wine too. I suspect the people on my flist who actually know about food are like WHAT ARE YOU DOING AHHHH. XD I should brine it tonight. I really, really like brining. :x And then I will make more stock with the carcass! Mmm.

Planning food is so soothing to me. Even when I have no idea what I'm doing. XD

Today is Dad's birthday, so I am off to hit the gym and then the grocery store to pick up the stuff I need to make this cake and this frosting. The only reason I'm not making this cake instead (Goodness gracious just look at the saucy bottom on that cake!) is because Dad specifically requested a layer cake, and I'm already fudging his request by making vanilla frosting instead of chocoate. I might toss in some cocoa powder and see what happens there... Anyway I don't think we even HAVE cake pans, so I have no idea what I will do about that. Possibly recruit the pie tins, or maybe a casserole dish. Maybe they'll have an aluminum thing at the store that will work. It is an adventure!
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I feel like enumerating my current cleaning regime, because I find it HILARIOUS. Bear in mind that every single one of these choices of product was made after extensive testing of regular equivalents. I did not jump right to the most hippie option. OKAY.

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Second, the party post last night was amazing. Truly magical. Skywarp and Sunstreaker are either going to kill each other or end up making out. Possibly both at the same time. Also: Grimlock continues to be amazing. ♥ And, you know, the Boogie Prime continues to be alarming.

I have a physics test tomorrow. I need to study but... I actually feel more prepared for this one than I did for the last one. I think it's mostly circuits and optics. That seems reasonable, you know? I still need to cheat and copy all the equations into my calculator, but I don't even feel bad about that because he should be providing the damn things to begin with. Why is a string theorist teaching Physics 101? He is terrible at this. Truly terrible. I can say with absolute certainty that I have learned NOTHING in this class.

I hate having a carpal tunnel flare-up. While also getting stress headaches. While also cramping ineffectually. BODY, STOP THIS AT ONCE.

It's cold and rainy and blah. Right now I want nothing more than to curl up with Nostalgia and nap.

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Apr. 7th, 2011 04:29 pm
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Okay um let me back up - for ages (seriously, years and years) I have had my heart set on going to this island lab for a summer course, okay? And I recently realized that ummmmm this summer might be my last chance for that. So I applied, and did the FAFSA bullshit, and that was a MESS and just a few days ago I finally got my SAR to the financial aid people. And TODAY I got my acceptance letter, with a HUGE FUCKING SCHOLARSHIP. The course costs like $5k and I'm paying 1.5. Fuck yes. I mean, plus the costs of the sheer amount of STUFF I will need, but holy shit! I'M GOING TO THE ISLAND. TO STUDY BIRDS. FUCK YES. HELLO ATLANTIC OCEAN, I WILL BE YOUR BFF NEXT MONTH.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that too - it starts May 23, which is very shortly after finals. And then runs for two weeks, during which my cat will cry herself to sleep every night. Sorry Nostalgia baby, this is super important homg.


You guys I barely even know what to do with myself I am so excited. Also scared! BUT SO EXCITED. Gonna live on a tiny island for two weeks! Gonna smell like wet feet when I finally get home! Gonna have 17-hour days! GONNA BE SO AWESOME.
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Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make everything okay again.

In other Nostalgia news:

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1. It is snowing. Not end-of-winter snow, but big fluffy gobs of snowball snow. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

2. I have a new netbook fuck yeah~ Now to fix the old one. Then I will have ALL THE NETBOOKS. (The new one is super sleek and angular and black and hnnnngh so I named it after TFP Soundwave.)

3. I have been a lazy ass in school. I am now determined to catch up. This is very anxiety-inducing on its own, but school has helpfully sent out two emails today telling me that I need to register for next semester's classes at the end of next month (meaning I need to find out what my requirements are, because my major's website TOOK THEM DOWN and it was the only place they were available) and also btw GET READY FOR GRADUATION STARTING NOW. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh D:

4. Despite point #1, Nostalgia and I just went on an EPIC WALK to fill the birdfeeder. She had a grand ol' time, and eventually I will actually film one of these walks. She's remarkably chill in the back yard. Some chickadees came over to investigate us and she was very interested in them but didn't try to kill them. And the best part of these walks - she is always hungry afterward. She is chowing down right now and it makes me so fucking happy. Seriously, the one time I can count on her to actually eat, even if just a couple mouthfuls, is after a walk out back. I guess the birds get her salivating. XD

5. I have never been able to find a decent moisturizer for my face. Udderly Smooth was the only thing that worked, but then it turned out that I'm allergic to it just enough that more than three days of use leaves me with rashes. On my face. Awesome. Sooooo long story short I just picked up some jojoba oil and we'll see how that goes. Failing that I'll try straight-up shea butter, and failing that I will just throw my hands in the air, grow out my beard, and live in the hills.
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Whoops I seem to be writing Knockout/Optimus how did that happen~ |D It feels good to write again. I'm screwing up all their characterizations but I do not even care, man, it's FUN. If it makes me laugh, it's good. If it makes someone else laugh, it's fucking awesome. I'm super excited to get to the porn, which is weird because normally I HATE writing the porn. I usually have to go OKAY SELF, CHALLENGE TIME. BUCKLE DOWN AND WRITE IT. But this time I'm just like BREAKDOWN SHOULD BE BEHIND HIM PINNING HIS HANDS WHILE KNOCKOUT LICKS HIS TIRES IN COMPROMISING POSITIONS. And I know exactly how that will go. Yep, tire fetish and foot worship all the way, baby. Also voyeurism, restraints, and possibly some light electroplay. I am super excited for this.

Also I made an awesome new default icon for my LJ. I did not actually know I could do some of the things I did to make that icon. I need more good screenshots of Soundwave. D:

The ground is white again. Spring, I am disappoint. So very disappoint.

Not ready to deal with college again. I want it to still be Spring Break. Damnit.

Alright, the cat is giving me sad looks from bed, so I am going to go cuddle her and try to actually sleep tonight. She's so sweet. Having eating issues still, but every night she crawls under the covers with me - even if she was asleep somewhere else when I go to bed. She crawls into the folds of the quilt and curls up against my side and licks my hand when I pet her. She is the best cat.
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Yeah I like Minecraft. Ya'll may have noticed this at some point.

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And now for something completely different. This made my day so awesome, you have no idea.

TFP:DP-Soundwave Digital Love
by ZolataLita
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I have the best friends! ;A; A certain someone saw my previous entry about, ahem, giving myself anemia by forgetting that vegetarians get nutritional deficiencies - and then this someone had nutritional yeast shipped to me. Because this certain someone is awesome and amazing and made me cry with happy. ♥ [ profile] empty_geas, you are fabulous and I love you. Thank you so much. I wasn't able to find nutritional yeast around here at all, and now I have a big tasty cheesy bag of it! SO HAPPY. It was even extra special - it came with a card, your usual business-logo-front affair, but it was handwritten. Because Bob's Red Mill is fantastic, too. ♥
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Right, speaking as someone who couldn't sleep (literally) due to fear over the reactors in Japan? AMERICA: STFU. THEY'RE STABLE. jfc.

Cut for explanations of how I've come to this conclusion despite news media trying to panic everyone. )

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Last night I was yawning and stretching and trying to get something from between my teeth all at the same time and I managed to jab myself in the gums and I looked at my hand like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT and then realized I was missing a piece of my gums SO THAT WAS FUN D:

The tentacle/TF comm is amazing. I cannot even express how happy I am with it and all the beautiful members - 39! It's two days old and we have 39 members! Pell and I are wriggling with excitement because something exciting will happen when we hit 40. Oh yes. It will be amazing. This is going to be the best community ever. As evidenced by our complete professionalism.

Also that layout is amazing and gorgeous and THOSE COLORS omg I could look at them forever. We made a purty thing hurr hurr. ♥ I basically keep opening it up in a new tab and wriggling excitedly at it. I also learned a bunch of new stuff about Gimp while I was making the graphics, and picked up some lovely fonts to boot! I love fonts. I was describing the layout to my dad (no I did not tell him it was about tentaclesex, I said it was about Morphobots, which sounds like it could be a legit subset of Transformers) and I was like "and I used these incredibly pompous fonts so it's all super serious" and he just started laughing. POMPOUS FONTS: I HAS THEM. It's true though, look at the comm profile and tell me that is not a pompous font. XD

whitwinkle ahahaha why is that so funny
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Photo of my back yard, listing its various defects: No light, unkillable red maples, invasive bittersweet, a former sandbox, etc.

It will be the best garden EVER.

Spring is here, spring is here! I think the most wonderful time of the year is the spring, I do, don't you? 'Course you do. )

Also, last night involved the most amazing chat with the most amazing people that lasted until, no lie, 6am. And then I got up at 7 for school. We watched Nuts draw, and Pell and I made a tentacle comm, and I think we talked about Primus' genitals, and then there was Skywarp in a tentacled strap-on and it was amazing and now I am going to sleep FOREVER.

Nostalgia is too thin. The worry is making me sick. I need to get off my lazy ass and put up a sale post so I can afford the vet.
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Random thought of the day: How big is a satellite?

Answer: Communications and spy satellites can be up to 10 meters in diameter and 30 meters long, not counting solar panels.

Ten. Meters. In diameter.

Now, bearing that in mind, watch this:

TEN. METERS. ACROSS. jfc you guys I don't know how to handle this. SOUNDWAVE IS FUCKING AWESOME. I think it's pretty obvious Bay doesn't know or care about the actual scale of a satellite, judging by the screen (WTF SERIOUSLY) and how the clear tentacle bits are on scale with circuitry, but in my head Soundwave is the most massive dude ever. He could probably just like, trip up the entire Autobot army with his tentacles. He could pick up Megatron and carry him around like a doll. OKAY MAYBE NOT MEGATRON but you get the idea. THE DUDE IS HUGE AND I LOVE IT.