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RAIN. Today was dreary. Not just that, but the kind of dreary where you never quite know if the rain will start or stop or turn around and come back. Which means the nets were open, then closed, then open, then... Slightly annoying, but it did give us time for a leisurely breakfast. I got a fair bit of my crochet project done - I really hope to be finished by the time I leave, and I think it might be possible! XD

Our wonderful children keep reporting dead gulls with bands, which is AWESOME. (A dead gull is a data point instead of a question mark.) We even had a nice couple up at sunrise and they helped us check the area around the turbine for dead birds (there are never any, btw). Other than that, though, the visitors have been come-and-go. There's just not much going on. Not complaining! XD I am lazy at heart, despite volunteering for this gig.

I definitely think the Metformin is what's keeping my energy up. Yay medication! I forgot it until after breakfast today, when I started to crash and feel super hungry despite having just stuffed my face with oatmeal, fruit, and eggs. Well, if I ever needed evidence that I really should take the damn horse pills, there it is.

We had a huuuuge flock of tree swallows at lunchtime. I felt like I could just spread my arms out and have them careen around me. Such cute birds, too!

A07 was finally sighted! He's been missing this year, despite many islanders looking out for him, and there were some territory wars over his usual roost on the porch. Today I sat beside him, though! He is as handsome as ever. I'm tickled that I can recognize his face - he was sitting on his bands, but I was pretty damn sure it was him, and confirmed when he stood up much later. It doesn't look like he had any babies this year - the feeding spot on his bill is orange rather than red.

Today is technically shower day - the fresh water is extremely limited, so although we can drink as much as we want (and are encouraged to make sure we're well hydrated) flushing and showers are always restricted. Bathing is "Navy-style" and limited to every four days on-island. Even if you get pooped on. I'm going to see if I can get up early enough to take mine tomorrow morning. I really don't think I want to get up at 4:30, though... Tomorrow will be busy. The wind's going to shift tonight to the perfect direction and speed for a bunch of new migrants to come in. Birds migrate at night, so it's really ideal for an extremely busy day. I'll probably end up taking my shower tomorrow night. We shall see! XD After four days, you really do obsess over your upcoming shower. It is cause for celebration.

Muskrats are extremely unobservant. I snuck up on this one quite sneakily, but even when he turned to look at me he didn't see me. Yyyyup.

The mini-bay on the west side of the island. Beautiful sunset lighting. I get this view every time I look out the door of the banding station.
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