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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I got my seven things from [personal profile] hellkitty! :D

1. Tentacles!
My appreciation of tentacles is many things. I do find them sexy when attached to sentient beings, but I find many kinds of limbs sexy. I'd love to have tentacles. Did you know an octopus has a mini-brain in each arm? And one particular arm is the reproductive arm? It's like, the fifth clockwise one or something. So many cool things about tentacles! And the only time I get weird about eating animals is when they're smarter than me, and I put cephalopods in that category. So yeah. I really love tentacles, but not so much as a kink as it is a wondrous kind of amazement at the sheer variety of biological life. This was a good one, I've never really explained my thing for tentacles before. :D

2. That TV show you loved as a kid but now makes you kind of WTF at yourself
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Raphael was my favorite. Really, self? Really? Have you even seen this show? It makes NO SENSE. NONE. How do they get money for the pizzas anyway?!

3. That movie you watch over and over again even though you know it by heart
Hot Fuzz. Awww yeahhhh. I love the humor in this movie, the long, slow, loving setup for the amazing hilarity of the climactic sequence. I watch it when I feel down, when I'm sleepy, when I'm happy, when I'm cleaning, whatever. It is always time for Hot Fuzz.

4. A skill or ability you're proud of
Writing. I've been writing my whole life. I started fanfic in 1999. I've been steadily improving that whole time, and though I don't write much volume-wise I really am pleased at the quality of my work. Of course, half the time I'm busy swearing at the English language because writing is HARD, but it's still fun. XD

5. You're on the Muppet Show: who do you hang out with (Substitute any other show that strikes your fancy if you don't know muppets)
XD Oh gosh, too many choices! I think I'd chill with Beaker. SCIENCE.

6. Pancakes/waffles THE DEBATE
Bro and Dad have this debate all the time but I'm pretty easy-going. I like both. I find pancakes easier to make, but waffles make me think of breakfast with Dad and also have pockets to hold blueberries, so both have their individual merits. I STRADDLE THIS FENCE, GOOD SIRS AND MADAMS.

7. Road Trip Stories
I have never been on a road trip! :o Ever! But I can give you some cool flying stories. When I was very small, bro and I flew to Michigan by our lonesomes, and I got to go into the cockpit and sit in the pilot's seat. They turned on the turbulence correction thing, or so they said, and it made the steering thing vibrate like crazy. It was pretty cool but I was very young and kinda airsick so I didn't appreciate it. More recently, I was on a cross-country flight in Economy and surrounded by no less than five screaming children. I asked the stewardess for a Coke and a tiny bottle of Jack, and she gave it to me on the house. XD What a sweetheart. Whiskey knocks me right out, and by the time I woke up it was night and the kid next to me was asleep on my shoulder and actually really adorable. I think I had a softer shoulder than his mom did. XD
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