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Just gonna chatter. :D Haven't posted in a while, have I?

So first off, things around the house are finally looking up. We're getting rid of the broken-down RV after several years of it sitting around in the driveway being an elephant, and it's out front waiting to get picked up tomorrow - which means it's no longer in the driveway. There's still a broken-down station wagon but holy shit I can almost pull my car all the way up to the garage. Do you know how often that's happened? Never. Because I got my car years after these fuckers last moved. Goddamn. Also, Dad pulled the old air conditioner that we never use out of the dining room window, and I put in a screen, and suddenly 1. we can walk along the driveway and 2. we can open windows in the dining room. HALLELUJAH.

Also I got a tent because I'm going camping this weekend. XD It's currently set up in the living room - I think I'm gonna seal the seams some more before folding it up. I am so excited to have a tent! I CAN GO CAMPING NOW. I have a sleeping pad and bag, a tent, a cast iron skillet, and a fishing pole - what more do I need?! (haha a lot probably. like a fishing license.)

Also for once the cat is okay. She's eating her prescription food, wishing I spent more time playing with her, and has started drinking water out of my cups. o-okay. D: I took her on a brief walk out front the other day, and we got farther than ever before - all the way to the steps!

Okay now serious talk about weight and dieting, cut for your trigger warnings: alright so, I'm 100 pounds overweight. And that's not counting from the middle of my ideal weight for my height, that's counting from the very top edge of not-obese. I carry it well but I'm still fat as hell and the effect on my health is incredibly not good. These are statements of fact, not opinion, so.

For a few weeks now, ever since I tipped that 100lb point, I've just had that phrase running through my head. A hundred pounds overweight. A hundred pounds. Almost half of my body weight is fat. That's disgusting and I felt bad and kept feeling worse. So I decided to do something about it. I've already done a fair bit: I don't eat red meat or dairy due to being freaking allergic to them, I avoid processed food and corn products, and I don't drink soda. I'm eating a lot more vegetables of all kinds. So, what can the next step possibly be?

I settled on calorie-counting accidentally. I started keeping a food log, idly looked up the calorie info for everything, added it up, and started aiming for 1500-ish calories a day (a number I settled on based on some research). I expected this would be an exercise in frustration, replete with crying and gnawing hunger and all kinds of Issues that I have with denying myself food (lol hello self-punishment mechanism), but instead it's like... Tetris with food. I eat so much it's stupid, but it's like, amazingly delicious spinach and eggplant and eggs and soup and and and! XD I'm still figuring out how to spread it all out across my day so that I don't get too hungry and gorge, but so far? Pretty damn easy, and I haven't once felt like I was denying myself anything. I think it's going well. I feel a LOT more positive about myself than I did when I was just thinking "a hundred pounds, a hundred pounds." Ideally I want to lose half of it and reevaluate how much I want to lose from there - I want to keep some pudge! I don't believe in being skinny! XD I just want to be comfortable in my own body. And employable - going into an active, outdoorsy, competitive field of work when you're a hundred pounds overweight is um. not going to end well. Also I'd like to live a while longer, and I'm staring diabetes in the face. The weight isn't helping the PCOS either. SO MANY REASONS.

And yes, there is exercise in the cards too! I'm still trying to even out my energy requirements before throwing that into the mix.

Also I am looking for a full-body mid-angle shot of Optimus from the front! The camera loves to look up at him for hero shots but I need a pretty neutral angle. Ideally he'll be standing pretty straight. I absolutely need to be able to see the flames on his ankle. Anyone have any ideas? Here, I'll trade you a back view.