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Long story short: as a person on the upper east coast of the USA, I'm in the path of Irene. In fact it is forecasted to go right over my house later today. I had to leave the island early, as they evacuated all but four people who had already been through nor'easters on the island and had foul weather gear. My best friend has a phobia of tornadoes and is understandably nervous about this storm, so she'll be coming over later today for a hurricane party. We're supposed to only experience it as a tropical storm, not a bona fide hurricane, so there's no expectation of evacuation orders. I grow a bit tired of not having a way to cook in the event of a power failure, but Dad refuses to buy a cheapo grill, so whatever. Brother is already freaking out because he has a phobia of power failures because then he has nothing to do but think, and thinking is detrimental to his mental health. We're a strange combination of prepared and completely unprepared - I really do expect that nothing worse than a power outage will happen. It will be scary and then it will be over.

In better news, I actually uploaded pictures from this trip to the island. XD I did successfully complete the class, informal as it was, and can now return whenever I want to help the banding station. I can extract birds from the nets without supervision, and in fact I was the first person the teacher had ever let extract a bird on the first day of class. I'd have loved to stay longer, but a storm is a storm and we wouldn't have been able to keep the nets open anyway. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford to go back and do it all again.

A cricket in Celia Thaxter's garden.

Common Yellowthroat.

Herring gull flew into the nets and had to be removed. Luckily he didn't see any birds in the nets - the gulls see them as a free buffet. This gull was allowed to stay on island and didn't return to the nets.

My buddy the brown snake! Check out the iridescence on his head. So coooooool~

Nashville and Tennessee warblers side by side. Their shade of green is at a wavelength that can't be picked up by the camera.

One of my favorite pics - the teacher holding an American Redstart. Of the warblers, only the Redstart and the Yellow warbler have yellow in their tails.

Female Black-and-white warbler.

Male BAWW. Yes, I am identifying them from the pictures, not from memory.

The Great Crested Flycatcher I extracted from the nets.

Every now and then I'd stop and look around and think, this is where I work.


The shoe tree.

My monarch caterpillar. He is on my table right now, preparing to form his chrysalis.

Very young robin. This young, they're returned to where they were captured instead of simply releasing at the banding station, so that they can find their parents easily.

My bone collection. Mostly gull and muskrat. I will probably be forever known as "the one who really liked bones."

Glowstick party. Really. Don't ask. XD

Yup, still work here.

The paparazzi adore the Chat.

A Blue-winged warbler.

Carolina wren, another one I extracted. I am also holding it and taking the picture. Like a boss.

Beautiful head feathers on a male Canada warbler.

Whatever the hell this is, I do not want to meet it. Ever. Good lord.

The end.

Date: 2011-08-29 02:15 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] katarik
Ohhhhhh that's a beautiful snake. I mean, the birds are gorgeous TOO, but. Snake. *croons at it*

Date: 2011-08-29 01:28 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] swordage
It really was! I carried it around for a while and gave it a kiss before letting it go where I found it. XD There are green grass snakes on the island too, but I didn't catch any. Isn't it amazing how such a plain little brown snake can surprise you with such beautiful iridescence? *happy sigh*