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I keep putting off the island post. It's happening, don't you fret, it's just hard to organize that many pictures.

So this is a cat post. Last time I made a cat post, she had burned her feet and had a terrible UTI. Well, her feet are healing well (she has new skin and is in no pain from those) and she had a course of antibiotics for the UTI. For the last week I've been trying to get a follow-up urine sample from her, with no success, and I realized that she is peeing blood. Lots of blood. STILL. So, back to the vet she went, and I basically said DO ALL THE TESTS.

So, she got an X-ray (no stones, thank goodness), a urinalysis at a lab (some struvite crystals, some protein, lots of blood, and not much bacteria), more antibiotics, and today I picked up some anti-inflammatories. Basically it looks like FLUTD, which is fucking annoying and probably means dietary changes in her near future. She's acting just fine, the little darling, raising hell and stealing rolls of toilet paper like normal. But she's extremely good at hiding pain, so idek.

She's not even two years old yet. Oh, Nostalgia. :c
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