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Happy one year anniversary of your adoption, Nostalgia!

Sadly, that is the only good cat news I have right now. Well, that, and she's being adorable next to me on an ottoman while I chill on the couch in the A/C. Anyway, this cat, augh. She is lucky I adore her.

Two weeks ago: she got her annual checkup, vaccines, etc. and was a darling and everyone at the vet's office fell for her all over again. No problems.

One week ago: found a lump on the inside of her thigh/belly. Back to vet, where we decided that it's small and soft enough to just deserve monitoring. (The lump now appears to be gone, and was probably just a strange bit of fat.)

Now: on Friday, suddenly fucktons of blood in her urine. Then, after calling vet, realized that one of her paw pads was peeling off. Go in on Saturday morning, get antibiotics and told to basically just wait for the foot to heal.

After mentioning this to my brother, guess what he fucking didn't bother to tell me? She got onto part of the roof. A part which is tiny, steep, well below the window, and constantly exposed to sun. He was asleep, she was out at midday, and she woke him up desperately trying to get back in. We're talking about a mobility-impaired cat on a steep shingled ledge maybe two feet wide, jumping up to claw at the window, burning her feet on the hot roof so badly that she lost all the skin on one paw and badly hurt the rest. "Well, she was really hot when she came in, but she curled up on the bed with me so I figured she was okay." I am not even fucking kidding, he actually said that. To my face. Oh my god I wanted to punch him - no, brother, I totally don't want to know when my cat gets out and almost dies! I definitely wouldn't want to check up on her and make sure she was okay! OH MY GOD SO ANGRY.

So. She is on antibiotics now, still peeing blood but not as much, and in enough pain that all she does is lie down very carefully all day. Nostalgia is the reigning champ of not-showing-pain so seeing this affect her is just miserable. I'm spraying her feet with a Bactine spray that supposedly has some numbing effects, which she HATES, but it does seem to feel a little better after. Other than that, it's a waiting game.

I suspect the stress of my trip triggered the infection. That fucking sucks. There goes any chance of a vacation for the next twenty years. So there's that, I guess.
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