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Jul. 2nd, 2011 02:30 pm
lex: (idk my bff megatron)
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Whoa guys, I did not expect this, but this adaptation? IS ACTUALLY GOOD. I was chillin' in B&N and managed to find it (srs it has the most camouflaged cover ever, ugh) and I flipped to the end because that is how I roll, and I knew that the ending was different and kinda awesome, and I read this:

Megatron spins and puts out a hand to me. Not a hand cannon. Not a weapon.

A hand.

I take the hand of him who once slew me, and he hauls me to my feet. Side by side, we face Sentinel.

We charge into battle.

...yeah I bought it immediately. XD Even though I'm pretty sure that 'him' should be a 'he' I don't even care, that line pushed all my happy buttons. The whole book isn't in first person, just bits here and there. It isn't the best writing in the world but asdjfksdh I keep flipping through and finding random scenes and going OHHHHHHHH I GET IT NOW. Like, the thing with the Lincoln Memorial? IT'S BECAUSE HE FREED THE SLAVES AND NOW THEY'RE ENSLAVING THE HUMAN RACE trollol oh man I'm dumb.

Wheeljack rolled forward, producing assorted high-tech equipment from wherever the hell he always managed to pull it from (truthfully, Sam didn't like to think about where he stored it). [...] Wheeljack pointed to the flare end. "Safety off, arm, ignite, thirty seconds, boom." The way he was doling out the equipment accompanied with wry understatement, Sam half expected him to conclude, 'And do try to bring it all back in one piece this time, Double-Oh-Seven.'

So many things that make me happy. The little girl having a tea party with Laserbeak. Mikaela having more than one throwaway line! I HAVEN'T EVEN ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK YET AND I LOVE IT.

So, okay, take home message: watch the movie and deal with the emotional fallout from that. Then read the novel, because it's GOOD and it fixes so many of the things that went awry. It is completely worth the $8.
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