Apr. 22nd, 2011

lex: Longarm Prime complete with noodly appendages. (NOODLE ARMS)

So yeah I think I'm on the tail end of a 24-hour bug. My immune system = awesome. I tend to let my fevers do their thing (they actually serve a purpose, you know) unless they get too bad, so I was pretty loopy last night and did things like
1. Talk to Pell
2. Finish typing and attempt to go back to whatever tab I was in
3. Can't remember which tab, frown at having so many, pick one at random
4. Start reading/watching whatever it is
5. Repeat with a different tab

I am still feverish enough that my spine continues to scream in horror at existing, and the first thing I did this morning was pry a bunch of junk off my tonsils, and my ears are STILL draining into my throat, but altogether it wasn't that bad. I might actually be able to do stuff later.

Hilarious excerpts from last night (aka why you should always chat with me if my status says I'm sick): Read more... )