Apr. 20th, 2011

lex: (idk my bff megatron)
Doing better today. Thank you all for the good thoughts. ♥ I spent a little time in the garden this morning - we never quite finished sifting out all the roots from digging it up, so I pulled up a bunch and got my hands dirty and smiled at the sparrows. They're not very bright and tend to forget that I'm there, so they'll come to the feeder if I'm more than a few feet away from it. Even if I have the cat with me. Nooooot very bright. Anyway, last night I picked up some bagged compost (FINALLY) and when I get home tonight I'll take some soil samples to bring in to the Extension office. Either tomorrow or this weekend, I'll rope the guys in to help me finish rooting around and work in the compost. And then seeds! :D I have so many things to plant. I got a bit over-enthused. Ahaha. And since I ordered seeds I've also picked up three blueberry plants, a strawberry plant, some herb seeds, and some potatoes that decided to sprout like the dickens. Good thing we also got over-enthused about how much garden to dig up. XD Might need to dig up more, though. I don't even know what a potato plant looks like, to be honest, let alone how much space it needs.

Also, my robodick post yesterday was hilarious. But seriously, spending over an hour painstakingly finding hi-res images of Megatron's robodick, outlining it, animating it, and then doing the same to Optimus Prime? It actually left me feeling a little ill. For over an hour my screen was non-stop giant alien robot penis. I am not that into looking at penises. Particularly not the penis belonging to the guy my generation views as a surrogate father. I think I am going to be kinda sensitive about Optimus porn for a little while. D: This isn't just walking in and going OH SHIT DAD WHY CAN'T YOU LOCK THE DOOR, this is like. Standing there and watching in horrified fascination. For an hour. I feel dirty.

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