Apr. 13th, 2011

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Second, the party post last night was amazing. Truly magical. Skywarp and Sunstreaker are either going to kill each other or end up making out. Possibly both at the same time. Also: Grimlock continues to be amazing. ♥ And, you know, the Boogie Prime continues to be alarming.

I have a physics test tomorrow. I need to study but... I actually feel more prepared for this one than I did for the last one. I think it's mostly circuits and optics. That seems reasonable, you know? I still need to cheat and copy all the equations into my calculator, but I don't even feel bad about that because he should be providing the damn things to begin with. Why is a string theorist teaching Physics 101? He is terrible at this. Truly terrible. I can say with absolute certainty that I have learned NOTHING in this class.

I hate having a carpal tunnel flare-up. While also getting stress headaches. While also cramping ineffectually. BODY, STOP THIS AT ONCE.

It's cold and rainy and blah. Right now I want nothing more than to curl up with Nostalgia and nap.

Adding a quick to-do list )