Mar. 21st, 2011

lex: Longarm Prime complete with noodly appendages. (NOODLE ARMS)

Yeah I like Minecraft. Ya'll may have noticed this at some point.

Babble and pictures~ )

And now for something completely different. This made my day so awesome, you have no idea.

TFP:DP-Soundwave Digital Love
by ZolataLita
lex: Text reading "what is this I don't even." (what is this I don't even)
Whoops I seem to be writing Knockout/Optimus how did that happen~ |D It feels good to write again. I'm screwing up all their characterizations but I do not even care, man, it's FUN. If it makes me laugh, it's good. If it makes someone else laugh, it's fucking awesome. I'm super excited to get to the porn, which is weird because normally I HATE writing the porn. I usually have to go OKAY SELF, CHALLENGE TIME. BUCKLE DOWN AND WRITE IT. But this time I'm just like BREAKDOWN SHOULD BE BEHIND HIM PINNING HIS HANDS WHILE KNOCKOUT LICKS HIS TIRES IN COMPROMISING POSITIONS. And I know exactly how that will go. Yep, tire fetish and foot worship all the way, baby. Also voyeurism, restraints, and possibly some light electroplay. I am super excited for this.

Also I made an awesome new default icon for my LJ. I did not actually know I could do some of the things I did to make that icon. I need more good screenshots of Soundwave. D:

The ground is white again. Spring, I am disappoint. So very disappoint.

Not ready to deal with college again. I want it to still be Spring Break. Damnit.

Alright, the cat is giving me sad looks from bed, so I am going to go cuddle her and try to actually sleep tonight. She's so sweet. Having eating issues still, but every night she crawls under the covers with me - even if she was asleep somewhere else when I go to bed. She crawls into the folds of the quilt and curls up against my side and licks my hand when I pet her. She is the best cat.