Feb. 19th, 2011

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Right so, I never really got the big deal about milk. Like, ever. When I was very young I was lactose intolerant, but grew out of it (which if you think about it is REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, milk is for babies wtf) but never really liked it. I liked cheese, though. SO ANYWAY milk was boring and vaguely flavorless (and then extremely painful and saddening)UNTIL NOW.

Raw milk. I know you are all giving me the weirdest fucking look right now and thinking YOU ARE A CRAZY HIPPIE WHO WILL DIE OF SALMONELLA but whatever, I can drink it and it is DELICIOUS. This milk, okay, even though it's the middle of winter it has this thick layer of cream on top and when it's all shook up it has a FLAVOR and it's like a whole different food compared to every other milk ever. No lie, when Dad and I each had a cup to try it, we both stood there staring at it in shock and then I looked at Dad and said, "Can I get a cow?" XD I have been considering driving practically into the next state just to get more, and then I went to their website and LO AND BEHOLD a store in town carries this farm's milk.

The hippie store.

no seriously they are even more hippie than I am, yes I know you thought that was pretty much impossible in this day and age but seriously they sell unsweetened goat yogurt and have a little stand where you can cut your own organic soap.

...I'm going there right the fuck now.

RELATEDLY what the fuck do I do with milk, I've forgotten D: I bet I can make creamy sauces again! And mac & cheese! Wait no I still react to store cheese, I'd need to make my own cheese and see if I react to that. HMMMMMMMM.