Jan. 27th, 2011

lex: (yeah toast)
I could seriously eat this every single day. It's so perfectly umami and filling, mmmm. I have been making it kind of a lot lately.

For a large single serving or two small servings:
about half a cup of short-grain rice, with 2/3c water (actually I think this might be too little rice for this meal but I'm terrible with fractions and can't figure out how to cook, say, 2/3c rice)
Half a block of tofu, cubed small
Half a tablespoon of sesame oil (tofu has no flavor so don't fret about overdoing the oil)
A small handful of cashews, about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup (salted is okay)
All the sesame furikake you can eat omg so good
Optional: a sprinkling of rice vinegar, avocado slices, unagi or hoisin sauce, or various delicious seaweeds.

Wash and then cook the rice, lid on, until there's no pooling of water when you tilt the pot. While that's going on, fry the tofu in the sesame oil on medium heat until it starts to turn golden. This takes forever but it is SO WORTH IT. I actually walk away from the frying pan and go check my email, forget about it, and come back when the rice threatens to boil over. >_> At the end you can toss in the cashews in the pan if you like. Put your rice in a bowl (fold in a sprinkling of rice vinegar if you have it), top with the tofu, cashews, and furikake. Add on whatever else sounds good. NOM HEARTILY. I have no idea whether this is good for me or what, since carbs make me pack on the pounds like nothing else, but it's too delicious to care.

I gotta say this is the second thing I've ever used tofu in (the first being miso soup, mmm) and I'm kinda amazed at how good it is. There's a lot of mouthfeel going on here, just really satisfying to bite into, and my stomach gets full and stays full. I find that to be really rare in vegetarian food - I'm almost always left hungry. Also it's really simple to make and, aside from the tofu, pretty much everything can hang out in the pantry or get used in other things. Nothing I hate more than buying something to use exactly once.